“Un jeu d’enfants” Kalus Roussel Architectes at la Galerie d’Architecture

Since 2010, when Kalus Roussel Architects was created, the architecture firm has mainly worked on projects dedicated to early childhood.


Kalus Roussel Architectes, Villa Vauvenargues Photographie © Cécile Septet


The Architecture Gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to international contemporary architecture. Located in the Marais district, the gallery offers its many visitors a living space, which changes atmosphere to the rhythm of the various exhibitions. Since its inauguration in 1999, the gallery has supported and diffused the current architectural creation, alternating the production of the younger generation with that of architects, landscape architects or con fi rmed designers from around the world.


Practical information

“Un jeu d’enfants”
16 April – 15 May, 2019
La Galerie d’Architecture
11 rue des blancs manteaux, Paris


Child’s play

Children love to tell stories. So do we.
Children love to run. So do we.
Children love to play shop. So do we.
Children love to fiddle with things. So do we.
Children love to build. So do we.
They are oblivious to danger.
They have no preconceptions.


Kalus Roussel Architectes, “Un jeu d’enfants” © Kalus Roussel Architectes,


Make it so everything appears easy,so everyone can say: it was child’s play.

Not easy with small projects, short deadlines, tight budgets, existing constraints,red tape, multiple parties.
We set store on doing so, in a patient, artisanal way.
Child’s play.

Thank you to school for showing us how to learn.
Thank you to François Deslaugiers for teaching us that:
“There are no details, just the project”.


Kalus Roussel Architectes, “Un jeu d’enfants” © Kalus Roussel Architectes,

Kalus Roussel Architectes, “Un jeu d’enfants” © Kalus Roussel Architectes,

An exhibition at the architecture gallery contributes to the influence of the work of architects through communication actions and relations with the press, as well as an important network of galleries and cultural institutions. Through a constant linkage between architecture and other arts such as photography, drawing or publishing, the gallery offers its visitors a new look at the architecture of today.
This interdisciplinary and modern approach allows an increasingly wide audience to know and appreciate the most advanced in current architectural research and production.

The bookstore of the Architecture Gallery, now a must-visit in Paris, offers a selection of books specialized in architecture, art and design as well as a wide selection of French and foreign architectural journals.


News source: la Galerie d’Architecture
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