“The invention of a language. Franco Purini and the theme of origin, 1964-1976” at IUAV Venice

The exhibition, through projects and drawings by Franco Purini of the sixties and seventies – a historical moment of transition and re-establishment of the architectural discipline – aims to illustrate the “construction” of an architectural language in the research of the Roman architect.


Franco Purini, città compatta 1966


Inaugurated at the University IUAV of Venice, the exhibition “The invention of a language. Franco Purini and the theme of origin, 1964-1976”, is curated by Roberta Albiero and Laura Thermes, with the collaboration of Teresa Ianni. 


“The invention of a language. Franco Purini and the theme of origin, 1964-1976”
26 June – 30 October, 2019
Università Iuav di Venezia, spazio Gino Valle
Santa Croce 191, Venice


Purini’s drawings are at the center of this exhibition. In fact, for Purini, the design is in fact a professional activity since 1966 with Laura Thermes, the “privileged and primary place of architectural thought”. Continuing on the theme: “I believe (…) that the architectural idea is revealed in it in its fullness. Even if there are other ways of conceiving an architecture, the imagination, which can be communicated with the graphic exercise, is the true native moment, of composing-designing. Drawing is exploring a conceptual space ”.


Purini Citta in costruzione 1966


On the creation of his own language, Purini continues: “The invention of a language occurred in my research in a climate in which structuralism was combined with conceptualism, while idealism was confronted with Marxist thought even through the distinction, deceptive for me and perhaps improper, between structure and superstructure. At the same time phenomenology, semiology and the nascent mass-media system, sociology, were also present and strongly active. Everything gave life to a mosaic, sometimes indecipherable, of cultural perspectives. Commented by Manfredo Tafuri in 1969, in the number 5 of Palatino, a magazine of the Municipality of Rome, this hypothesis of language is still today the basis of my work. ”


Franco Purini città compatta – studio di strutture urbane 1966


On the occasion of the inauguration the architect Franco Purini will hold the lecture Inventing a language (Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 5:00 pm – Tolentini, aula magna), which will be attended by Alberto Ferlenga, rector of the IUAV University of Venice, Roberta Albiero and Laura Thermes.


News source: IUAV
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