“The House of Councillor Krespel” at CAMPO

The house of Counsillor Krespel is an architectural exhibition inspired by the novel by E.T.A Hoffmann (1776-1822), a writer and composer and one of the major representatives of the German Romanticism.


© E2A Piet Eckert und Wim Eckert


In the first part of his tale, the author describes the realisation of the residence of the protagonist that doesn’t exist out of a design project, but solely by thinking though the experience of the process of its making. All of this as part of an identification process between the existence and the creation of an art work. The exhibition will showcase twenty-five artworks made by architects, originating form eleven different countries, whom have been asked to realise an original image or collage representing the strange house of councillor Krespel. Curated by Libria, an idea of Antonio Carbone.


Practical information

“The House of Councillor Krespel”
25 January  –  08 February, 2019
CAMPO Gallery
via della Marrana, 94, Rome


‘Naturally the builder asked for the architect’s plan, and was not a little astonished when Krespel replied that none was needed, and that things would turn out all right in the end.’


“The House of Councillor Krespel” at CAMPO © CAMPO

“The House of Councillor Krespel” at CAMPO © CAMPO


Featuring the work of: Alphaville architects, Mauro Andreini, Aristide Antonas, Tatiana Bilbao, Bruther, Luis Callejas, Pierfrancesco Cherchi e Marco Lecis, 2a+p/a, E2A Piet Eckert Wim Eckert, Luca Galofaro, Alberto Iacovoni, Francesco Iodice, Liverani/Molteni, Angelo Monti, Marco Navarra, Lorenzo Netti, Franco Pedacchia, Carlo Prati, Franco Purini, Lucio Rosato, Splitterwerk, Tochtermann Wündrich, Pietro Valle, Wespi de Meuron Romeo, Peter Wilson-Bolles & Wilson.


“The House of Councillor Krespel” at CAMPO © CAMPO

“The House of Councillor Krespel” at CAMPO © CAMPO


‘It was highly amusing to see how hundreds of people stood round about the garden, all hurrahing whenever the stones flew out, and a window appeared where none had expected.’


News source: CAMPO
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