“The Act of Building” – BC Architects & Studies & Materials at CIVA Brussels

The exhibition “The act of building” presents the work of BC architects & studies. Using tools, building models, films and photos, the exhibition showcases four processes that lead to four architectural results. Alongside the exhibition, the architects present their book that tells the stories behind four significant projects and delves deeper into the new role of the architect.


“The Act of Building” – BC Architects & Studies & Materials


BC materials shows the result of the circular production of building materials out of loam excavated on building sites in Brussels. The end products will be for sale through a newly established cooperative. During a workshop on building with loam at CIVA from 1 to 5 April 2019, 30 university students and 18 professionals (architects, contractors, engineers, etc.) created different prototypes and samples, which are on show in the exhibition.


Practical Information

“The Act of Building”
26 April – 2 June, 2019
CIVA Brussels
Rue de l’Ermitage Kluis 55, Brussels


The act of building is act and discourse. It is the complex effort of a temporary association to create an infrastructure of its own. For this purpose the architects of BC call on actors from different backgrounds and a range of skills, and use different materials and technologies. The act of building has an impact and is at the same time a manifestation of values and ideas, which grew out of a broad network around a specific project. Building has a transformative power, driven by action, narrative and result.


“The Act of Building” – BC Architects & Studies & Materials

“The Act of Building” – BC Architects & Studies & Materials


News source: CIVA Brussels
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