Xaveer De Geyter “XDGA_160 EXPO” at Casa dell’Architettura in Rome

This exhibition presents ‘material evidence’ of the reality of XDGA, while at the same time embodying the working ethic of the office. It displays and documents built projects, urban studies and competition entries. In the exhibition, not the text nor the concept is preeminent – but the plan, the image and the model.


Silos-Tweewaters © XDGA
Silos-Tweewaters model © XDGA


The exhibition “XDGA_160 EXPO” will be open from February 18 and will run until  March 17 at “Casa dell’Architettura” in Rome. As inaugurating event Xaveer De Geyter will give a lecture at the venue this next Wednesday at 17.30 pm (free access) with the attendance of the co-curator Federico Matteis and Luca Garofalo, architect. (more…)