“A room elsewhere. Architects’ hotels” at Villa Noailles

Whether they are developed within the framework of an architecture diploma, a biennial, a research project or a more conventional commission, the projects chosen for the exhibition “A Room Elsewhere” belong to both the phantasmagoria of the hotel as a locus for possibilities far from home, whilst also exhibiting a desire to find new means of hospitality that are far removed from the established norms.


pila (papageorgiou ilias architecture) veiled, concept, pavillon grec, biennale internationale d’architecture de venise, 2014 sous la canopée


As far away as the notion of travel has existed, having at one’s disposal a place to sleep has cadenced and conditioned people’s movements. In the west, industrial society developed a means of contractual hospitality which grants access to a domestic space when far from home, for a price. A comfortable and safe domesticity accessible anywhere, hotel rooms become the sine qua non condition for a boom in diplomacy, tourism, and commercial trade. “From one end of the planet to another, the traveller knows what to expect […] he can find the illusion of familiarity and calm his anxieties anywhere.” (more…)

“Domestic Pools” at Villa Noailles

This season, Villa Noailles is casting the spotlight on pools across the world, from extravagant projects left unfinished, to impressive architectural feats. The exhibition, “Domestic Pools”, will take place from February 11 to March 18, and includes the most extraordinary pools found in private homes across Los Angeles, Spain and the South of France.


Piscine d'Alain Capeillères dans le Var © Romain Laprade, 2017

Piscine d’Alain Capeillères dans le Var © Romain Laprade, 2017


Following on from Landskating  and La Boîte de Nuit, the villa Noailles continues its exploration of cultural architectures specific to spaces intended for entertainment. The 2018 architecture exhibition, entitled Domestic Pools, will focus upon private swimming pools. From their initial appearance in modern homes for which the villa Noailles serves as a notable example to the utmost contemporary experimentations, this exhibition will retrace the architectural devices employed for bathing. (more…)