Victor Palla e Bento d’ Almeida “Architecture from other times” at Centro Cultural de Belém

The work produced by the studio of the architects Victor Palla (1922-2006) and Joaquim Bento d’Almeida (1918-1997), which has been widely recognised by historians and critics of Portuguese architecture, is subject of a public exhibition for the first time.


Perspetiva das casas da Aldeia das Açoteias - Praia da Falésia c. 1968 Victor Palla e Bento d'Almeida © Arquivo do atelier

Perspetiva das casas da Aldeia das Açoteias – Praia da Falésia, c. 1968, Victor Palla e Bento d’Almeida © Arquivo do atelier


These two architects formed part of a generation that adhered to the principles of the Modern Movement and they worked together professionally for 25 years (1947-1973), producing more than 700 projects. They were responsible for the modernisation of countless commercial establishments, factories, primary schools, permanent housing (single-family detached houses and multi-family housing blocks) and temporary accommodation (hotels and tourist complexes), with their activity also extending into the areas of design and the arts. (more…)