Between the nothing and the infinite: VERTIGO pavilion by João Quintela and Tim Simon

Read a critical review from the spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza of their new pavilion VERTIGO, following the success of their previous KAIROS Pavilion at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.


Vertigo Pavilion © Diana Quintela

Vertigo Pavilion © Diana Quintela


“At the end the reality coincides with the absolute abstraction and so it closes the circle between the nothing and the infinite”

– John Wheeler –


Once again a project built by João Quintela and Tim Simon. Two young architects, a Portuguese and a German who, during this long time of crisis, have decided that instead of uselessly complaining, to “take the bull by the horns”. They design and build wonderful pieces of architecture that are able to be self-constructed and still not lose their great spatial qualities. Instead of just waiting for a commission, they create it. Admirable the process and admirable the result.