“Ventura Rodríguez” drawings from the Municipal Archives at Madrid Conde Duque

This exhibition celebrates the 300 year anniversary of the city’s Chief Master Architect’s birth to remember the works that helped shape Madrid as we know it today. On display are many original drawings recovered form the City Hall’s public archive.


Ventura Rodriguez  and Madrid © Madrid City Hall

Ventura Rodriguez and Madrid © Madrid City Hall


Madrid is celebrating the 300-year anniversary of the birth of one of the architects that contributed to shape the Capital city ‘s architecture: Ventura Rodríguez, whose work will be displayed in the South Gallery of Conde Duque from May 17 to July 23. The exhibition, curated by Pedro Moleón, Javier Ortega Vidal and José Luis Sancho -two architects and a historian- highlights Ventura Rodríguez’s special talent for drawing, besides the interest of his architectural works.

This architect is responsible for some of the most emblematic spots in Madrid: he is the author of the famous Cybele, Neptune and Apollo fountains and designer of the Royal Palace’s chapel. (more…)