“Concéntrico 04” International Architecture and Design Festival

Concéntrico 04 is the fourth edition of Logroño’s International Festival of Architecture and Design, a reflection on the urban environment and the city. The Festival invites you to explore the city through installations, exhibitions, discussions, activities and performances, creating a connection between places, squares, streets, terraces and hidden spaces that usually go unnoticed.


"Amanita muscaria" information pavilion, Patricia Ramos Mateos, Miriam Alonso Barrio and Paula Mena Albarrán © Concéntrico

“Amanita muscaria” information pavilion, Patricia Ramos Mateos, Miriam Alonso Barrio and Paula Mena Albarrán © Concéntrico


Each installation is created by a team of architects and/or designers who make proposals, experiment and explore new fields of design with their environment, thereby establishing a dialogue between heritage and contemporary architecture, which seeks to activate citizens’ reflection on these spaces. Multiple different suggested routes for an unconventional look at the city, to awaken the desire to reclaim the joy of spaces, of the city. (more…)

“Lost in the city” Urban life in the IVAM Collection

The central idea of this exhibition is to display a large number of works that will allow us to see the manifold visions, the different spaces and the large number of human lives that made up city life in the last century through the works in the collection of the IVAM.


Paul Citroën. Metropolis, ca. 1923 © IVAM

Paul Citroën. Metropolis, ca. 1923 © IVAM


The exhibition brings together about 300 works belonging to the collection of the IVAM, recently enriched with funds ceded in deposit by Cal Cego and Juan Redón. An important selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos by artists like Paul Citroën, Jan Kamman, Lee Friedlander or César Domela, Walker Evans, Horacio Coppola or Gabriel Cualladó, to Sigmar Polke, Gregory Crewdson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Miquel Navarro, Bernd and Hilla Becher or Gordon Matta Clark. (more…)

Lisbon Falls, a temporary installation by Marcelo Dantas

The structure designed by the young Portuguese architect steps into the Fonte Luminosa fountain, allowing visitors for a full experience of light, sound and water.



On the occasion of the yearly Festas de Lisboa (Lisbon’s local holidays), a temporary structure designed by Portuguese architect Marcelo Dantas was installed on the Fonte Luminosa in Lisbon.

The installation is a pathway entering the fountain, allowing visitors to enhance the experience of the waterfall, experimenting the different sounds, humidity conditions and light along the space surrounding the statues on the monument. (more…)