Visit Madrid’s most emblematic buildings during OPEN HOUSE architecture festival

In its second edition, the Festival has signed an agreement with the local Architects’ Guild (COAM) whereby OPEN HOUSE Madrid will be held on the 1st and 2nd of October, during the city’s “Architecture Week”, opening over 100 buildings and urban spaces to the general public.


Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute, Fernando Higueras y Antonio Miró, 1965


The city’s most emblematic buildings will be open to the public on the first weekend of October, celebrating Madrid’s Architecture Week. Over 40 new buildings and urban spaces will join the previous year’s circuit, with over 25,000 visitors: historical buildings such as the National Senate Building, the Zarzuela Theatre, or the National Car Park -where the official car fleet is kept-, as well as recently completed contemporary buildings like the BBVA sail building (by Herzog & de Meuron) or the Repsol Campus, by Spanish architect Rafael de la Hoz. (more…)

Atrio Relais-Châteaux by Mansilla+Tuñon, organic symbiosis with the ancient city

The new functional organism attaches to the irregularities of the perimeter of existing buildings, accepting them, and reflecting on how the city has grown.


© Luis Asin

© Luis Asin


The Atrio Relais & Châteaux Hotel and Restaurant in Cáceres, by Mansilla + Tuñón, was shortlisted among the 40 project  for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015, and it won the BigMat ’13 Award Spain National Prize and Special Mention for Restoration of a Heritage Place. It is not the first time for the Madrid based firm, founded in Madrid in 1992 by Luis Moreno Mansilla (Madrid, 1959–2012) and Emilio Tuñón (Madrid, 1958), who in 2007  won the Mies van der Rohe Award with the MUSAC of León, perhaps their most famous work to date.