Stone House in Cáceres by Tuñón Arquitectos

The house seats with discretion on the place, leaning on a natural slope next to beautiful existing oaks, looking at the landscape and the city of Cáceres. From this dominant position the house tries to be respectful with the natural-artificial environment, establishing formal and constructive links with the surrounding environment and the historic center of Cáceres.


Stone House in Cáceres by Tuñón Arquitectos © Luis Asín


The exterior of the house is a simple prismatic volume with a square floor plan of 17,40 meters side. Its walls are built with local quartzite stone. On the inside, nine spaces with cubic dimensiones of 4.20 meters accommodate the different uses of the house. The rooms open up to the exterior landscape through large square-shape windows with oak frames. An open platform in the rear part of the house with a small swimming pool invites users to enjoy life outdoors. (more…)