“The Log-O-Rithmic Slide Rule: A Retrospective” Trix & Robert Haussmann at KW Institute

The architect and designer duo Trix & Robert Haussmann may be counted among the most important Swiss architects of the twentieth century. They have realized about 650 projects in their lifetime including the legendary Da Capo Bar, Shopville in Zurich’s main railway station, the boutique Weinberg, the famous Kronenhalle Bar and numerous successful experiments in artistic and handcrafted furniture.


"The Log-O-Rithmic Slide Rule: A Retrospective", Trix & Robert Haussmann © KW Institute for Contemporary Art

“The Log-O-Rithmic Slide Rule: A Retrospective”, Trix & Robert Haussmann © KW Institute for Contemporary Art


Since founding their “Allgemeine Entwurfsanstalt” (General Design Institute) in 1967, Trix & Robert Haussmann have been pioneers in breaking with the premises of modern, canonical orders and concepts, reinterpreting playfully the linguistic dogmas of architecture theories. (more…)