Lisbon Architecture Triennale “The Form of Form”

The long-awaited Portuguese Triennale starts off with an exhibition on architectural form curated by Diogo Seixas Lopes, to be followed by three other exhibitions and a conference series taking place in new venues all around Lisbon.


TAL2016, "The Form of Form" Installation view © Tiago Casanova

TAL2016, “The Form of Form” Installation view © Tiago Casanova


Curated by André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes, the 2016 Lisbon Triennale started last week with a program filled with events and programmed exhibition for the next three months. This year’s theme “The form of Form” takes its name from the opening exhibition, curated by Seixas Lopes himself, in which he reflects on the ever-changing approaches of architects to architectural form in the past, present and future.


Community: Italy. Architecture, city and landscape from the postwar period to 2000

The exhibition aims to begin telling the story of Italian architecture of the late twentieth century as a whole, a story whose temporal proximity, along with other factors, had prevented a more broad and general discourse until now.


Superstudio, Morte. “Community: Italy Architecture” © Superstudio


The main body of the exhibition, which develops along the large curve on the ground floor of the Palazzo dell’Arte, consists of approximately 120 works, including models, original drawings and albums that illustrate the design aspects in detail. From Ludovico Quaroni, Ignazio Gardella and Aldo Rossi to Renzo Piano (to name only a few), works by the biggest names in the history of Italian architecture since the postwar period to the year 2000. Alongside the former are projects and works of those less celebrated yet equally important, like Guglielmo Mozzoni, Paolo Soleri and Arturo Mezzedimi. (more…)

Le Corbusier in Milan, architectural debate 1934-1966

The exhibition, entitled “Le Corbusier, Milan and architectural debate 1934-1960” is aimed to document the presence of the Swiss master in Milan throughout original and reproduced documents and materials.


Exhibition poster

Exhibition poster


On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Scuola Speciale di Archittetura of the Politecnico di Milano, coinciding with the fiftieth memorial of the death of Le Corbusier (August 1965), Politecnico di Milano and Triennale di Milano are organizing an exhibition with the support and collaboration of Fondation Le Corbusier and Archivio Bottoni.

The exhibition, entitled “Le Corbusier, Milano e il dibattito architettonico 1934-1966” is aimed to document the presence of the Swiss Master in Milan throughout original and reproduced documents and materials.


Le Corbusier in Rome, 1921. Courtesy of Fondation Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier in Rome, 1921. Courtesy of Fondation Le Corbusier


The display is divided into several thematic sections, celebrating the most significant moments of Le Corbusier’s confrontation with Italian culture and entrepreneurs in  the city of Milan: the conference at Circolo Filologico (19 June 1934), his participation in “De Divina Proportione” for the Triennale exhibition in Milan of 1951, and the project of Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti at Rho-Milan (1960-1964).

A supplementary chronological section is provisioned along the exhibition, in order to briefly document the presence of Le Corbusier in Italy.


Sketches made during the Milano conference of 1934.

Sketches made during the Milano conference of 1934.


During the opening period of the exhibition, several activities will be programmed to take place as a series of events conforming what Politecnico and Tirennale have called “Le Corbusier tra noi” (Le Corbusier among us), quoting the famous eulogy which Ernesto Nathan Rogers gave at Milan Faculty of Architecture in May 26, 1966.

The annual conference of Deans of Architecture Schools, affiliated with the European Association for Architectural Education – EAAE (27-30 August 2015) will be held aming the exhibition spaces, so a particular section in the exhibition will be devoted to the second “Reunion Internationale des architectes” (held in Milan on  September 15, 1933), which was sponsored by “L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui” on theme of architectural training and was attended by 130 foreign delegates.



Exhibition information

Le Corbusier tra noi
Le Corbusier, Milano e il dibattito architettonico 1934-1960
June 30 – September 11, 2015
Mon – Fri, 10 am – 7 pm
Closed 8th to 23rd of August

Guido Nardi Exhibition Hall
Politecnico di Milano

Scuola di Architettura e società
Via Ampère 2,
20133 Milano



Exhibition information and images via Politecnico di Milano and EAAE meeting Milano 2015

Giancarlo De Carlo’s unpublished sketches at Triennale di Milano

A sentimental exhibition of architecture and a small tribute to a lesser-known, more private side of Giancarlo De Carlo.


Giancarlo De Carlo’s controversial, critical and political approach to architecture is probably one the most international, famous and critically-acclaimed face of Italy’s twentieth-century architectural practice. However, there is another side to De Carlo’s practice: a lesser known, more private design process. Through different-scale drawings and sketches and multimedia installations, Triennale di Milano is offering a new view on the Italian architect’s relationship with landscape, territory, the city, private life and the public eye  -offering an interesting insight on De Carlo’s thoughts and actions.


Giancarlo De Carlo "Schizzi inediti" Ⓒ Triennale di Milano

Giancarlo De Carlo “Schizzi inediti” Ⓒ Triennale di Milano


Lasting from December 19 to January 11, 2015, the exhibition will be open to the public at the Triennale’s main building in Viale Alemagna  in Milan.