“Buildings for Automobiles – History and Transformations” exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

At the end of the 19th century, the Paris region became a hub for the automotive revolution. The spectacular, rapid diffusion of the “automotive vehicle” was accompanied by new kinds of constructions designed specifically for this new piece of technology.


"Buildings for automobiles" © Antoine Espinasseau

“Buildings for automobiles” © Antoine Espinasseau


At their peak, there were more than a hundred buildings in Paris devoted to cars, called garages, car hotels, or parking garages. Today, now that less than 35% of Parisian households own a car, these aboveground parking structures are clearing out. (more…)

“Ai Weiwei. Translocation – Transformation” at 21er Haus

21er Haus presents Ai Weiwei first major solo exhibition in Austria. As a conceptual artist, documentarian and activist, his works deal not only critically with the history, culture and politics of his homeland China, they also react to social realities of migration between countries and continents.


Ai Weiwei, Lu 鯥, 2015 © Belvedere, Vienna

Ai Weiwei, Lu 鯥, 2015 © Belvedere, Vienna


This is the first time Ai Weiwei’s work will be shown in such a comprehensive exhibition within Austria. Entitled translocation – transformation, the show was conceived through a collaboration with the artist and will extend far beyond the scope of a mere solo exhibition. Not only does it feature aspects of Ai Weiwei’s life, the show also addresses current social issues, which affect us all”, explains Agnes Husslein-Arco, the director of the Belvedere and the 21er Haus. Central to translocation – transformation is the metamorphosis provoked by expulsion, migration, and deliberate change of location that is undergone by people and objects alike. The subject of transformation pervades throughout the life and work of Ai Weiwei; from his childhood, his beginnings in New York, his return to China, his time under house arrest, until his release from state custody and his migration to Berlin.