“Drawn Theories” exhibition at Ca’ Pesaro Galleria Venice

The invited authors, whose research method involves drawing as a form of writing, were asked to participate to the current reflection on the new cycles concerning the continuous production of the existing, the great archive of history, the occasions and betrayals of their manipulation.


"Drawn Theories" exhibition © Sissi Roselli

“Drawn Theories” exhibition © Sissi Roselli


From June 10 to July 13, 2016, the Ca’ Pesaro Museum of Moder Art in Venice will be holding the exhibition Drawn Theories / Teorie disegnate. The exhibition, curated by Sara Marini and Giovanni Corbellini, and organized within the international research project Recycle Italy collects an international landscape of authors who express their positions about recycling in architecture through drawing’ (more…)

“Architecture, City and Thought Hub” at CentroCentro Madrid

This series of exhibitions at gather and showcase hidden content, languages and values related to the architecture of the city of Madrid that can be found in its historical archives, professional legacies, academic works, specialised publications and cultural catalogues


Periferia © Carlos Albalá

Periferia © Carlos Albalá


Architecture, city and thought Hub is a new series of exhibitions held in the architecture section at CentroCentro, curated by Inés Caballero.  The series, which comprises four exhibitions, will connect and gradually construct a large repository which will gather an imagery of the city that enables us to observe its present, understand its past and design its future. A great archive of archives of informative, historical and emotional content.