“Adam Nathaniel Furman: The Roman Singularity” at Sir John Soane’s Museum

To coincide with the 15th London Design Festival the Sir John Soane’s Museum presents ‘The Roman Singularity’ by architectural designer Adam Nathaniel Furman, a city of 3D- printed models celebrating Rome as the pilgrimage site for the world’s imagination, alongside a new site-specific work created by Furman especially for the museum.


Adam Nathaniel Furman 'The Roman Singularity’ © Roberto Apa

Adam Nathaniel Furman ‘The Roman Singularity’ © Roberto Apa


Rome is a rich palimpsest of masterpieces, their remains, ruins, and fragments from innumerable historical periods since the Roman Republic, a veritable collection of epochs. But Rome is also a crucible of modernity, a repository for possible futures precisely because it is and has been the seat of so much power, and so many dreams, which together with the authority of its past almost force it to be perpetually radical about the present. (more…)