“Building Site” exhibition at Lisbon Architecture Triennale

One of the four main exhibitions of the 2016 Lisbon Triennale, “Building Site” allows for cross-readings on issues generated by building sites, inviting the viewer to reflect on the transformations in contemporary building sites, the challenges they face and the impact they have on the practice of architecture.


Casa da Música, Model on the building site, December 2001 © Casa da Música

Casa da Música, Model on the building site, December 2001 © Casa da Música


Just as the forms of architecture determine the organization of building sites, so technology and economy organize methods of production – with a significant social impact. These conditions constrict and stimulate architectural  conception. From the communication between design and construction, the organization of time and money, to the rhetoric of politics and technological innovations, all the cards for architecture-to-be are played on the building site. (more…)

Lisbon Architecture Triennale “The Form of Form”

The long-awaited Portuguese Triennale starts off with an exhibition on architectural form curated by Diogo Seixas Lopes, to be followed by three other exhibitions and a conference series taking place in new venues all around Lisbon.


TAL2016, "The Form of Form" Installation view © Tiago Casanova

TAL2016, “The Form of Form” Installation view © Tiago Casanova


Curated by André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes, the 2016 Lisbon Triennale started last week with a program filled with events and programmed exhibition for the next three months. This year’s theme “The form of Form” takes its name from the opening exhibition, curated by Seixas Lopes himself, in which he reflects on the ever-changing approaches of architects to architectural form in the past, present and future.