“The Dialogic City: Berlin Wird Berlin” at Berlinische Galerie

The exhibition reveals perspectives of dialogic behavior in the city in seven chapters. Going beyond the rudiments of participation, possibilities for combining seemingly irreconcilable differences are sketched from various points of view. The first issue of Dialogic City is dedicated to Berlin, where these antagonisms are more extreme than elsewhere.


Installation View Arno Brandlhuber, Florian Hertweck, Thomas Mayfried, The Dialogic City : Berlin wird Berlin © The Dialogic City

Installation View. Arno Brandlhuber, Florian Hertweck, Thomas Mayfried © The Dialogic City


The exhibition, devised by the architect Arno Brandlhuber with the designer Thomas Mayfried  and the architect Florian Hertweck;  takes its cue from a book published at the same time, The Dialogic City: Berlin wird Berlin, which addresses the dialogic potential in the city. The publication is divided into seven chapters, and these are echoed in the exhibition space together with commentary. Several thousand copies of the book are stacked along the wall, and visitors may take a copy free of charge upon request.