“Circular Living” installation and exhibition at The Building Centre

The team behind the project is investigating how the circular economy can benefit the industry and the built environment, reflecting on the commercial, social and environmental opportunities of employing circular principles. 


Circular Living exhibition © Agnese Sanvito

Circular Living exhibition © Agnese Sanvito


The Circular Building prototype will be open to the public and it will be accompanied by “Circular Living”, an exhibition exploring the impact of the circular economy in a range of industries, from fashion to product design.

A ‘linear economy’ is the global standard – we take resources, make things, and then throw them away once used. A ‘circular economy’ keeps resources at a continually high value and in a loop with other industries. If we design to create zero waste or only high-value waste then there is no incentive to dispose of it and waste our finite natural resources. (more…)

“Adaptative Structures” at The Building Centre London

This exhibition invites you to test this new engineering philosophy with an interactive, 6m long cantilevered steel space truss structure, a scaled version for the super structure of a tall tower subjected to wind load.


"Adaptative Structures" © The Building Centre London

“Adaptative Structures” © The Building Centre London


Despite huge technological advancements all around, the way everyday structures are designed has not changed fundamentally for over 100 years; design a structure to be strong, and then check to make sure it does not move around too much. Why should the built environment industry not rethink this basic assumption? (more…)