“La Même Indifférence” exhibition at CentroCentro Madrid

The work proposes a comparison between the neighborhoods of Orcasur and La Courneuve, presenting aspects and common situations in both neighborhoods as a reflection on the influence of urban planning on society and its development. “The same set of measures applied on a large scale will produce identical or very similar results in different societies and at different times.”


"La Même Indifférence"  ©   Aquellos Que Esperan / Koln Studio

“La Même Indifférence” © Aquellos Que Esperan / Koln Studio


Including in the cultural program of Tandem Paris-Madrid this photographic exhibition reflects on the influence of urbanism on society and its development, as well as on the identity of the inhabitants. The group “Aquellos que esperan”, formed by photographers Borja Larrondo and Diego Sánchez, documents since 2012 the aspects and situations of daily life in the suburbs, investigating the physical and psychic dimensions generated by both architectural structures and institutional policies. They carry out fieldwork consisting of many micronarratives to ask questions instead of reaching closed conclusions. (more…)