“Mapa Teatro. Of Lunatics, or Those Lacking Sanity” at Museo Reina Sofía Madrid

Founded in Paris in 1984 by Colombian theatre and visual artists Heidi, Elizabeth and Rolf Abderhalden, Mapa Teatro moved to Bogotá in 1986. Since its inception, this artists’ laboratory has developed its own cartography in the sphere of “living arts”, in a space which is conducive to transgressing borders — geographical, linguistic, artistic — and to staging local and global concerns by way of different devices and formats.


“Mapa Teatro. Of Lunatics, or Those Lacking Sanity” © Joaquín Cortés / Román Lores


In its polyphonic work, Mapa Teatro traces a space of migrations with the displacement of the private and public spheres; artistic languages (theatre productions, actions, installations, urban interventions, opera, cabaret, sound pieces, radio and performance lectures; authors and eras; geography and language: the word, image and movement; the voice, music and sound processes; memory and the city; simulation and reality; document and fiction; poetics and politics. (more…)

“Galician Life. Carme Nogueira” at CentroCentro Madrid

The memory of the place is the starting point of this exhibition dedicated to the work of Carme Nogueira (Vigo, 1970), curated by Tamara Díaz Bringas.


“Galician Life. Carme Nogueira” at CentroCentro Madrid © CentroCentro Madrid


The artist’s new intervention evokes modulations of workspaces made by two architects of Galician origin linked to the constructive history and uses of the Palacio de Cibeles: Antonio Palacios, responsible – together with Joaquín Otamendi – for his project and construction between 1904 and 1919, and Alejandro de la Sota, who worked in the building between 1961 and 1984 as a public official of the General Post Office and undertook renovation and refurbishment works. (more…)

“The Cathedral of Malaga. An unfinished symphony” exhibition by Marinauno

The exhibition “The Cathedral of Malaga. An unfinished symphony” has been designed in three different formats; an installation located in the trascoro of the cathedral, a book and an audiovisual piece. With these three systems the process of the construction of the cathedral and those signs of identity that make the temple a unique building in the history of architecture is explained.


“The Cathedral of Malaga. An unfinished symphony” by marinauno © Fernando Alda


The installation located in the trascoro is raised with a structure of scaffolding from which they take off large format images, drawings and explanatory texts. An installation that symbolizes that the cathedral of Malaga is under construction. (more…)

“Nicolás Combarro. Form, Action” at CGAC Santiago

Nicolás Combarro (A Coruña, 1979) fits into a new spectrum of artists who work with photography. His work focuses on architecture and the concept of construction in coexistence with and feeding into the practice of documentation and intervention, the latter being understood as taking action on space and the landscape.


ST (Desvelar_Desplazar_I) © Nicolás Combarro

ST (Desvelar_Desplazar_I) © Nicolás Combarro


His work as a professor and curator of exhibitions with outstanding artists such as photographer Alberto García-Alix and painter Miguel Ángel Campano, have enabled him to develop the precision and artistic versatility that define his perception. (more…)

Roland Halbe at COAM Madrid presents “9 photographs-9 situations”

On May 16 the exhibition “9 photographs-9 situations” was inaugurated, showing large-format photographs of the German Roland Halbe, referenced in the digital monograph “Roland Halbe for himself” of the international collection of architecture ebooks + scalae architects.


Guthrie Theatre Minneapolis, USA, Jean Nouvel, 2006 © Roland Halbe

Guthrie Theatre Minneapolis, USA, Jean Nouvel, 2006 © Roland Halbe


The renowned photographer, based in Stuttgart, has already worked in Spain with Banco Santander, the Canary Biennial or FCC and was curator of the On-Site: New Architecture in Spain exhibition at the MoMA in New York in 2006. (more…)

“Clotet_Tusquets 1960-1980” at COAC Barcelona

The exhibition takes a tour through the field of building and urban planning, making the leap to furniture and audiovisual, one of the most outstanding pieces being the film “Miró, Otro”. It is an action recorded by Pere Portabella that shows the participation of the architects in the exhibition of the end of the 60s on the work of the Catalan painter.


Vittoria House, Oscar Tusquets © Oscar Tusquets

Vittoria House, Oscar Tusquets © Oscar Tusquets


The College of Architects of Catalonia has inaugurated the exhibition “Clotet_Tusquets 1960-1980”, which covers the twenty-year architectural career of Lluís Clotet and Òscar Tusquets. The exhibition will collect a wide selection of drawings, documents, photographs and objects that the couple of architects has been creating over these two decades of joint work, and will be available until April 7. (more…)

“Thumbs That Type and Swipe: The DIS Edutainment Network” at La Casa Encendida Madrid

La Casa Encendida presents the exhibition Thumbs That Type and Swipe: The DIS Edutainment Network, a guide for this brave new world that helps us understand how to be and how to view our own bodies and societies in the techno-capitalist context.


The Seavangelist by Jacob Hurwitz Goodman and Daniel Keller © DIS

The Seavangelist by Jacob Hurwitz Goodman and Daniel Keller © DIS


A project by DIS with Darren Bader, Will Benedict y Steffen Jørgensen, Casey Jane Ellison, Ilana Harris-Babou, Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman y Daniel Keller, Ian Isiah, Kim Laughton, Anastasia Davydova Lewis en colaboración con Eno Swinnen, Chus Martínez, Ada O’Higgins, Babak Radboy, Christopher Kulendran Thomas en colaboración con Annika Kuhlmann, Lance Tooks, Ryan Trecartin, Amalia Ulman, McKenzie Wark, Maroon World and Malte Zander. (more…)

Factory of Electrical Assembly by José María Sánchez García

Discover the winner of the BigMat ’17 International Architecture Award Sustainability And Innovative Use Of Material Category Prize: a project for this electrical assembly factory transforms the industrial landscape of Don Benito, overcoming its anodyne setting.


Factory Of Electrical Assembly in Spain, by José María Sánchez García © Roland Halbe

Factory Of Electrical Assembly in Spain, by José María Sánchez García © Roland Halbe


According to the panel of judges chairman, Jesús Aparicio, “[…] the projects is an electrical assembly workshop located in Extremadura, where we were impressed by the clever use of materials and geometry, the result being a place of work that is closed to the outside yet bright inside.” (more…)

‘UNFINISHED’ opens in Berlin – Winner of the last edition of the Venice Biennale

Curated by the architects Iñaqui Carnicero and Carlos Quintans, Unfinished presents a selection of works that shows how creativity and commitment can transcend material limitations. The exhibition UNFINISHED is now open at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. It’s an adaption of the exhibition held at the Spanish Pavilion during the last Venice Architecture Biennale; winner of the Golden Lion for the best National Pavilion.


© Juan Rodriguez

© Juan Rodriguez


The exhibition is a response to the problematic situation in Spain that arose during the economic crisis after the real estate boom. The situation made many architecture practices reflect and respond with serenity and sensibility to the excesses that had occurred. UNIFINISHED displays a ‘combative architecture’, based on concepts such as resignation, adaptability and re-appropriation, offering a new vision on how Spanish architects have reflected on and related to new strategies. (more…)

Madrid Design Festival: events, installations and exhibitions

Madrid Design Festival Madrid Design Festival is an international event that will convert Madrid into the capital of design and elevate the city to a privileged position on the international arena. The festival will be held in February 2018 and will encompass all design disciplines, from architecture to graphic design, communications to interior design, all of them hybridising into a contemporary and innovative format.


Kalevan kirkko, Tampere 1964-66. Arkkitehdit Raili ja Reima Pietilä.

Kalevan kirkko, Tampere 1964-66. Arkkitehdit Raili ja Reima Pietilä.


Madrid Design Festival is a widespread project that will infiltrate every corner of the city, becoming the very best tool to democratise design and transmit the importance of this discipline that transforms our lives each and every day. A language that can generate methodologies, change mentalities, positively alter our environment and, above all, redesign the world. (more…)