“The Visible City”, maps and social transformation at CentroCentro Madrid

The Visible City is an exhibition presenting maps as forms of visualization, social transformation and analysis tools, repositories of knowledge and learning environments thanks to technology. It is the second exhibition within the cycle “Architecture, City and Thought Hub”, curated by Inés Caballero.


"In the Air" application, Nerea Calvillo © CentroCentro

“In the Air” application, Nerea Calvillo © CentroCentro


“Architecture, City and Thought Hub” is CentroCentro’s architecture section current exhibition.  Curated by Inés Caballero, this exhibition brings together content, language and hidden values ​​of the architecture of the city of Madrid existing in its historical and professional legacies, academic papers, specialized publications and cultural catalogs. (more…)