“Smiljan Radić: Bestiary” at House of Art of České Budějovice

House of Art of České Budějovice presents “Smiljan Radić: BESTIARY”, a solo exhibition of the architect who runs a uniquely creative practice in Chile’s capital city of Santiago. BESTIARY will present modern-day bestiaries imagined by Radić through a presentation of 20 models symbolizing various imaginary creatures


"Smiljan Radic. Bestiary"   exhibition view © Michal Skoda

“Smiljan Radic. Bestiary” exhibition view © Michal Skoda


We are honored to be the first gallery in the Czech Republic to present the work of a greatly respected representative of contemporary world architecture, Smiljan Radic from Santiago de Chile. Radic has gained increased attention thanks to his unusual approach to architecture and his distinct creative perspective. His unique designs set him apart not only in his home country, but also on the international architectural scene in general. The exhibition is curated by Michal Škoda. (more…)