“Den-City Urban Landscape” Sergei Tchoban at Galleria Antonia Jannone

What is the future of a densely populated city? How can an urban landscape change the way we perceive architecture and its artistic language? The Den-City Urban Landscape exhibition looks at the urban scene and its density, represented by combining history and modernity, architectural visions and scenarios for a possible near future.



Sergei Tchoban, Two worlds III, stage design, St. Peterburg, 2013


The architectural drawings, the “whims”, the happy fantasies of Sergei Tchoban, portray urban landscapes in which Piranesi meets suspended architectures overlaid as stylistic and temporal additions to historical city settings. The connections, the counterpoints, the layering of languages and volumes are what characterise the series of urban visions on show. Tchoban’s attitude shows his awareness of the need for comparison with the constructed past that every new piece of architecture must necessarily consider.  (more…)