‘Sémiose: Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés’ at La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris

Semiosis, the signification of a character regarding its context, is the word that the French architecture practice Daufresne, Le Garrec & associates have chosen to define their work in this exhibition, divided into five fundamental design processes: emergence, immersion, movement, metamorphosis and envelopment.


Maison d'Accueil 'Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés' architects. Franois © Sergio Grazia

Maison d’Accueil ‘Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés’ architects. Franois © Sergio Grazia


La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris comes back from summer holiays with a monographic exhibition on the architecture office Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés. The exhibition, named “Semiose” -French for ‘Semiosis‘, “the signification of a character regarding its context”- tries to portray these architects’ approach to architectural projects and design.

Divided into five so-called ‘architectural stances’, the exhibition also explains the French office’s recent change of name to “Séméio”, embodying the firm’s new structure while symbolizing the accumulated meaning of its projects and reflections.  (more…)