“Fingerprints” exhibition by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten at la Galerie d’Architecture

La Galerie d’Architecture presents the exhibition on the Swiss architects featuring photos, drawings and physical models of their recent work. Rossetti + Wyss was founded by Nathalie Rossetti and Mark Aurel Wyss in January 2000. The agency works on architectural and urban projects, and at different scales ranging from the city to the object design.


TRUBLERHÜTTE - 2008 © Jürg Zimmermann, Zürich - Suisse

TRUBLERHÜTTE – 2008 © Jürg Zimmermann, Zürich – Suisse


Simplicity is never vapid. Reduction is the path to clarity and precision. A constant process of weighing and choosing between different elements produces spatial and structural solutions. The result is a formal, simple language, full of experiences and spatial successions. Restraint is the watchword. (more…)