“Under One Roof” Kengo Kuma’s new building for the EPFL Campus

Kuma’s signature-style roof joins together the different programs hosted by the building, which was built by the Japanese architect in collaboration with Swiss office Holzer Kobler Architekturen.


Kengo Kuma and Associates "Under One Roof" EPFSL Campus building © Photo: Michel Denancé

Kengo Kuma and Associates “Under One Roof” EPFSL Campus building © Photo: Michel Denancé


Back in 2012, Kengo Kuma and Associates, together with Holzer Kobler Architekturen, won the architectural design competition to develop Cosandey Square at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. The project was named “Under One Roof“, in reference to a Japanese saying that regards many different peoples collaborating.

The building has been recently opened to the public after four year’s work. The Arts & Sciences space designed by KKAA is joined to a exhibition pavilion via a single, long roof that connects all the programs together. (more…)

Arches, shells, domes, roofs and their engineers at “The Fifth View” exhibition

The exhibition at the Oskar von Miller Forum is devoted to masterly roof structures from antiquity to the present and documents innovativeness and technical excellence delivered by architects and engineers.


Frei Otto's Olympia Stadion Munich model

Frei Otto’s Olympia Stadion Munich model


Roofs offer the fifth view of a building and give character to our cities. The “The Fifth View”  exhibition explains the design of more than 30 impressive roof projects and portrays the changes seen over the centuries based on numerous models, drawings and photographs. (more…)

The Hague Central Station by Benthem Crouwel Architects

The Hague Central Station has been transformed by Benthem Crouwel Architects into a light-filled, capacious, easy-to-read building where all public transport systems converge at the heart of the city.


The Hague Central Station © Jannes Linders

The Hague Central Station © Jannes Linders


These days some 190,000 travellers and passers-by make use of The Hague Central Station. The upgrade takes into account that the number of users is expected to double in the coming decade, due to the link-up with the local Randstadrail rapid transit network and the high-speed rail line from Amsterdam to Paris. The high-speed network is to stop here at The Hague, as well as at the central stations of Rotterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem and at Amsterdam Zuid and Breda. These six stations constitute the New Key Projects launched by the government. (more…)