Reporting from the front: 2016 Belgian and Czech+Slovak Pavilions at the Venice Biennale

Craftmanship and scarcity are this year’s themes for the Belgian National Pavilion, curated by BRAVURE – architecten De Vydler Vink Tailleu, Doorzon and Filip Dujardin. On the other hand, the Czech and Slovak Pavilion focuses on the issue of the political load of architectural heritage and its preservation.


Filip Dujardin, ‘memorial I’ © Filip Dujardin


This year’s Belgian National Pavilion has taken craftmanship and scarcity as main theme for the exhibits. The exhibition’s title is Craft(wo)manship and the city, and has been organized by four important representatives of Belgium architecture: the Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi) and BRAVOURE, a curatorial team made up of Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, doorzon intereiurarchitecten and photographer Filip Dujardin.

BRAVOURE brings together fragments of thirteen projects by a same number of guest-architects: through a copy of each fragment (scale 1:1) and a serie of images they will show how craftsmanship can shape space, also exploring what craftsmanship can mean during a period of economic scarcity. (more…)