Serralves Museum presents “Manuel Marques de Aguiar, 1927—2015: Building Places”

Manuel Marques de Aguiar (1927–2015), an architect, urban planner, urban manager and landscape designer belongs to a generation of architects from Porto for whom drawing is a privileged tool of thought. On the basis of his drawings, blueprints and architectural projects, this exhibition highlights his desire to transform the city and the landscape, ‘building places’ that will enable livelihoods.


"Manuel Marques De Aguiar, 1927—2015: Building Places" © Serralves

“Manuel Marques De Aguiar, 1927—2015: Building Places” © Serralves


Across six units, or ‘places’, the exhibition presents different testimonies by leading figures from his generation (such as Luiz Cunha, Carlos Carvalho Dias and Álvaro Siza, among others), memories of those who accompanied the persistence of Marques de Aguiar in the articulation between work and life. (more…)

“Wolfgang Tillmans: On the Verge of Visibility” at Serralves

The exhibition space is presented as a laboratory in which to test out the experiential possibilities of the pictures, particularly his “Vertical Landscapes”: visual phenomena, threshold moments associated with borders, between different states of matter and their distribution, concretely within the area of the image, and politically in the world of people and goods.


La Palma, 2014 © Wolfgang Tillmans

La Palma, 2014 © Wolfgang Tillmans


For his first exhibition in Portugal, Wolfgang Tillmans (1968, Remscheid, Germany) continues to expand the possibilities for the reception of his oeuvre through a radical repositioning of its multiple dimensions. At Serralves, he pays particular attention to what he describes as his “Vertical Landscapes” and the visual phenomena of light when day meets night, sky meets earth, cloud meets sky and threshold moments associated with borders.


Molhes do Douro, maritime public infrastructure by Carlos Prata Architect

The proposal finds the right balance between the necessary concrete structures and natural and urban landscapes.


Molhes do Douro Ⓒ João Ferrand

Molhes do Douro Ⓒ João Ferrand


Foz do Douro, an upscale neighborhood in Porto where the Douro meets the Atlantic, is the location of the dam built by the Portuguese Carlos Prata. The structure, besides containing the sea to ensure navigation on the river, supposes an opportunity to generate a public space that goes 600m into the sea. The concrete construction design is determined by the natural conditions of the site, combined with the urban context. The breakwater goes into the sea with a boardwalk, an indoor gallery to access to the lighthouse on stormy days, and a space designed to be a restaurant. (more…)