“Mario Bellini. Il disegno del progetto” exhibition at Politecnico di Milano

The exhibition presents over two hundred sketches and drawings made by Mario Bellini and his studio in the last forty years, concerning some of the most significant projects developed in his long and prolific career.


Mario Bellini. Louvre competition © Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini. Louvre competition © Mario Bellini


It is to be considered an introductory review ranging from design to architecture, with some fantastic digressions; four architectural projects in chronological order; nine furniture design projects.Looking at the sequences of drawings, witnesses of the different design paths undergone by Bellini, it is clear that the drawing is the place where the project takes shape. Drawing becomes an instrument of research, of thought, of examination of reality; an effective means of communication to visualize, verify and share an idea; a powerful memory aid, which refers to the personal repository of images and references, stratified over time, which the architect can use – even unconsciously – whenever he undertakes a new interpretative or design adventure. (more…)

“Unbuilt Rome” exhibition at Politecnico di Milano

The city is the material presence of the built environment as much as the accumulation of lost, destroyed or imaginary elements, which not anymore or never became parts of reality. All of these elements, physical or immaterial, constitute a collective cultural capital of a place and contribute to shape its diffused mentality.


"Unbuilt Rome" © Supervoid

“Unbuilt Rome” © Supervoid


The project Unbuilt Rome explores this idea of the city as a stratification of built facts and drawn thoughts, through a shared research that examines a series of projects designed for Rome and never realized. These projects – together with countless others which incurred in the same destiny – played a key role in the construction of the common imagination of Rome and had a significant influence on the architectural culture and on the debate on the city.

With the contribution of AM3, BDR Bureau, Fosbury Architecture, Ganko, Gosplan, La Macchina Studio, Raumplan, Supervoid, Warehouse of Architecture and Research. Featuring the work of Jacopo Valentini. (more…)

“Aldo Rossi. Il gran teatro dell’architettura” at Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano remembers the Italian architecture master on the twentieth anniversary of his death in a comprehensive exhibition featuring selected materials from the University’s archives and the Ghirri, MAXXI and Rossi Foundations.


Unità residenziale al Monte Amiata, Milano (MI) - © Introini, Marco

Unità residenziale al Monte Amiata, Milano (MI) – © Introini, Marco


On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the death of Aldo Rossi, the Politecnico di Milano organizes an exhibition with the will to remember this fundamental figure of Italian and international architectural culture who studied and taught at the Architecture  School of the Milanese University.

The exhibition’s programme also includes a conference to be held during it’s inauguration session on 19 October 2017 at 18.00,  to be delivered by prof. Kurt W. Forster, emeritus professor at Yale University. This lecture on Aldo Rossi’s figure and the legacy of his teaching will be held in Rogers Conference Hall (via Ampère 2).


‘O.M. Ungers. Programmatic Projects’ drawings at Politecnico di Milano

The exhibition shows, featuring original drawings from the UAA (Ungers Archiv für Architekturwissenschaft) of Cologne three key projects of this important moment of the design production of O.M. Ungers, of his morphological research to use form as the representation of an idea.


Deutsche Botschaft beim Heiligen Stuhl, Rom, 1965 © O.M. Ungers / Politecnico di Milano / UAA Köln

Deutsche Botschaft, beim Heiligen Stuhl, Rom, 1965 © O.M. Ungers / Politecnico di Milano / UAA Köln


Around 1965 Oswald Mathias Ungers (1926-2007) presented a series of competition projects with a strong programmatic character. These projects studied, in a conscious and precise way, the conceptual nature of architectural form – the form as representation of an idea – developing in a paradigmatic way basic morphological concepts, themes as transformation or assemblage.  (more…)

“Pier Luigi Nervi, the model as a tool of design and construction” at Politecnico di Milano

This exhibition brings together three recent experiences on the question of the “model” as a tool of representation of architecture, to share and compare recent studies around this theme.


Pier Luigi Nervi, Palazzetto © Pier Luigi Nervi

Pier Luigi Nervi, Palazzetto © Pier Luigi Nervi


The show is part of the research in progress in Italian and European polytechnic schools, which by examining exemplary works like those of Pier Luigi Nervi has triggered a substantial rethinking of the relationships between the disciplines of engineering and architecture in the field of tools and techniques of design and construction. (more…)

“Savage Architecture. Gian Piero Frassinelli, Superstudio and 2A+P/A” at Politecnico di Milano

The exhibition is an opportunity to examine the important role that Frassinelli played within Superstudio, to discuss the trans-disciplinary influence that the Florentine collective has had in the last fifty years and speculate about its operative potential today.


Gian Piero Frassinelli and 2A+P/A - Central Archive of Human Cultures, Excursion in the Archive, 2015

Gian Piero Frassinelli and 2A+P/A – Central Archive of Human Cultures, Excursion in the Archive, 2015


The 8th of February 2017 the project Savage Architecture was presented in the Exhibition Space Guido Nardi of the Polytechnic of Milan. In the form of an exhibition and a book, curated by Davide Sacconi, the project portraits the research developed by Gian Piero Frassinelli – former member of Superstudio – and his recent collaboration with 2A+P/A which explore the intersection between architecture and anthropology. (more…)

“Universitas/Universities – Architecture Schools in the World” at Politecnico di Milano

The exhibition provides a critical selection of significant university buildings related to Schools of Architecture in an international context. Organized in collaboration with prestigious foreign universities, the exhibition devotes special attention to the theme of space for design projects.


Delft Architecture School © Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Delft Architecture School © Fondazione Politecnico di Milano


Over the last two centuries, the buildings designed to house Schools of Architecture have often been driven by a specific ambition, beyond the customary aim of providing facilities adequate for their functions: the desire to teach a lesson of architecture through their own image and spatial organization. (more…)

“Milano città immaginata. 10 projects from the CASVA archives” at Politecnico Milano

The ten urban designs selected for the exhibition remain unrealised, imagined by their architects as potential improvements on the past, or as provocations or denouncements of an urban development that they were opposed to.


Piazza Fontana. Milano città immaginata © CASVA archives

Piazza Fontana. Milano città immaginata. Francesco Gnecchi Ruscone © CASVA archives


They are alternative urban landscapes of the city we experience today, realised in their planned state through the interpretation that artists or illustrators chose to give them. “Milano città immaginata. 10 projects from the CASVA archives” is an exhibition dedicated to Milan and to the culture of design: designs which, when completed, become real, but that may also remain an idea on a page, a hypothesis, a virtual idea. (more…)

“DETAILS, architecture seen in section” opening at Politecnico di Milano

The exhibition will feature over 200 details from fifty renown international architectural firms, each contributing a selection of detail section drawings from their projects. The exhibition is the result of a wider research on current trends in construction.


 © “Details. Architecture seen in section” Research project.


The exhibition “DETAILS, architecture seen in section” opened last Wednesday at the Guido Nardi exhibition space, at the School of Architecture and Society of Milan Politecnico. DETAILS will stay open until February 27. Three international guests, Grafton Architects, Yvonne Farrell, Peter Maerkli, and Christian Schittich (editor in chief of the DETAIL journal) were invited to the inauguration.