“Barnum City”: circus architecture and the appropriation of territory

Point H^UT celebrates its grand opening after two years of renovation works with an exhibition dedicated to architecture inspired by circus halls and merry-go-rounds, focusing on their ability to transform their environment.


Tiger & Turtle © Heike Mutter & Ulrich Genth

Tiger & Turtle © Heike Mutter & Ulrich Genth


The small town of Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, in central France, has very recently inaugurated Point H^UT, a new social centre dedicated to architecture events and workshops, occupying the grounds of a former industrial site. Among the many events and exhibitions programmed is Barnum City, a reflection on fairground architecture concerning the occupation and transformation of surrounding territory. Ranging from circus halls to merry-go-rounds, the exhibition aims at the constructive diversity of these dream-like architectural objects.

Originally produced by the Maison de l’architecture et de la ville Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and curated by Odile Werner and Sophie Trelcat, Barnum City – Architecture Foraine will be open until June 11, 2015, as part of Point H^UT’s official inauguration programme of events.