“Kasper Akhøj. Welcome (To The Teknival)” at Ivorypress Madrid

Ivorypress is pleased to present artist Kasper Akhøj’s latest project, entitled Welcome (To The Teknival). The exhibition, open until 3 November 2018, consists of a photographic series taken by Akhøj between the spring of 2009 and summer of 2017 during the ongoing restoration of E-1027, Maison en bord de mer.


"Kasper Akhøj. Welcome (To The Teknival)" © Kasper Akhøj

“Kasper Akhøj. Welcome (To The Teknival)” © Kasper Akhøj


They are based on a series of photographs by Eileen Gray, first published by Jean Badovici in a special issue of the journal L’Architecture Vivante from 1929, the year their villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin on the Côte d’Azur first stood finished. (more…)

“Munich in color 1948–1965. From ruins to subway construction” at Architekturgalerie München

For the first time the Architekturgalerie is presenting color photographs of the city of Munich from 1948 to around 1965. On these early color pictures, most of which were taken by American tourists and occupying soldiers, the heavily destroyed historical buildings stand alongside war debris, cleared areas and provisional buildings.


"Munich in color 1948–1965. From ruins to subway construction" © Architekturgalerie München

“Munich in color 1948–1965. From ruins to subway construction” © Architekturgalerie München


The pictures tell of everyday life as well as of celebrations and the pleasures of Munich’s citizens. The result is a varied kaleidoscope of the city, whose current appearance was redesigned in these post-war years. An extensive illustrated book is published to accompany the exhibition: München farbig, 1948 – 1965, Vom Trümmerfeld zum U-Bahnbau by Franz Schiermeier Verlag Munich.  (more…)

“Invernaderos” Gaia Cambiaggi photography at Studio Gibel Palermo

The exhibition Invernaderos, curated by Emilia Giorgi, presents one of the most successful photographic research by Gaia Cambiaggi (Genoa, 1977), which investigates the transformations of the agro-food production system in the world, with particular attention to greenhouse agriculture.


"Invernaderos" © Gaia Cambiaggi

“Invernaderos” © Gaia Cambiaggi


The project, which will be presented for the first time in a dedicated monographic exhibition in the spaces of Studio Gibel in Palermo, will start in 2013 to intercept geopolitical issues related to the territory, the community economy and the flow of workers involved. (more…)

“Nicolás Combarro. Form, Action” at CGAC Santiago

Nicolás Combarro (A Coruña, 1979) fits into a new spectrum of artists who work with photography. His work focuses on architecture and the concept of construction in coexistence with and feeding into the practice of documentation and intervention, the latter being understood as taking action on space and the landscape.


ST (Desvelar_Desplazar_I) © Nicolás Combarro

ST (Desvelar_Desplazar_I) © Nicolás Combarro


His work as a professor and curator of exhibitions with outstanding artists such as photographer Alberto García-Alix and painter Miguel Ángel Campano, have enabled him to develop the precision and artistic versatility that define his perception. (more…)

“Denise Scott Brown: Wayward Eye” photography of the 1950s and 1960s at Betts Project

Betts Project is pleased to announce ‘Wayward Eye’ an exhibition of photography of the 1950s and 1960s by legendary architect-planner and theorist Denise Scott Brown. This will be Scott Brown’s first solo exhibition in the UK. ‘I’m not a photographer. I shoot for architecture — if there’s art here it’s a byproduct. Yet the images stand alone. Judge what you see.’


Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, 1966. © Denise Scott Brown

Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, 1966. © Denise Scott Brown


In 1956, Robert Scott Brown and I photographed architectural set pieces of Venice as records to return to while practicing in Africa. But in the process, more than architecture crept into our photographs. In 1965, after ten years of urbanism, my foci were automobile cities of the American Southwest, social change, multiculturalism, action, everyday architecture, “messy vitality,” iconography, and Pop Art. (more…)

“In Time” Carlos Cánovas at ICO Museum Madrid

“In Time” is a journey through the work of Carlos Cánovas from the 80s to the present, featuring 128 photographs grouped into six series: Tapias (1980), Beyond Walls (1983-1990), Vallès Oriental (1990), Landscape of no Return (1993-1994), Anonymous Landscape (1992-2005), and Seventh Heaven (2007-2017). The photographer´s entire body of work constitutes a kind of analytical record of urban transformation.


"In Time" Carlos Cánovas © Carlos Cánovas  / VEGAP

“In Time” Carlos Cánovas © Carlos Cánovas / VEGAP


For this exhibition, Cánovas has sought out space where nature and human intervention converge; interstitial landscapes found in city limits that suggest multiple readings of space, distance, and time. These are concepts that the photographer also incorporates in his personal reflections on photography: «What the photographer does is try to make sure that what is in his images reflect his initial ideas and also, in a way that is perhaps less deliberate but no less important, his doubts». (more…)

Roland Halbe at COAM Madrid presents “9 photographs-9 situations”

On May 16 the exhibition “9 photographs-9 situations” was inaugurated, showing large-format photographs of the German Roland Halbe, referenced in the digital monograph “Roland Halbe for himself” of the international collection of architecture ebooks + scalae architects.


Guthrie Theatre Minneapolis, USA, Jean Nouvel, 2006 © Roland Halbe

Guthrie Theatre Minneapolis, USA, Jean Nouvel, 2006 © Roland Halbe


The renowned photographer, based in Stuttgart, has already worked in Spain with Banco Santander, the Canary Biennial or FCC and was curator of the On-Site: New Architecture in Spain exhibition at the MoMA in New York in 2006. (more…)

“Formes et Lumière” exhibition by Gitty Darugar

Form, function, light, and color are the concerns of architects and their constructive creations. In her photographs of the buildings of the architect Christian de Portzamparc, the photographer Gitty Darugar interprets these physical structures in abstraction – an abstraction of light and color that crystallizes these forms into compositions of unanticipated beauty.


"Formes et Lumière" Gitty Darugar © La Galerie d’Architecture

“Formes et Lumière” Gitty Darugar © La Galerie d’Architecture


The architect’s three-dimensional elements are, of course, present, but we do not see these «man-made» shapes until Darugar’s magical photographic eye has transformed them into two dimensions. Her architectural photographs demonstrate not only how Architecture and Nature imitate one another – but also how, through Darugar’s work, this dialogue can achieve further creative expression in photography. (more…)

“Strategies of Displacement” exhibition by Antoni Muntadas at CGAC Santiago

Strategies of Displacement is an exhibition that reviews Muntadas’ work through specific projects and incorporates his recent shift towards landscape. The author marks a route that steers towards an unstable territory, one that raises questions, in a selection of projects that converge around three ideas: losing (yourself), disappearing, going (away).


"Strategies of Displacement" exhibition by Antoni Muntadas © CGAC

“Strategies of Displacement” exhibition by Antoni Muntadas © CGAC


Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona, 1942), a figure of reference in international art, is building a transdisciplinary discourse centred on criticism of the media; he places the extensive function of art in interaction with social sciences, the mass media and the new information technologies to reveal the linguistic mechanisms of power. In the seventies he created the term media landscape to give a name to this new landscape, which has been, since then, the main goal of his investigation. (more…)

“The Magic Eye of Carlo Mollino. Photographs 1934-1973”

The exhibition traces Carlo Mollino’s entire photographic production, in a display itinerary featuring more than 500 images from the archive of Turin Polytechnic. This initiative follows on from the exhibition ‘Carlo Mollino. In viaggio’, held at CAMERA in spring 2016, testifying to the strengthening of the bonds between the Polytechnic and CAMERA, also thanks to a collaboration agreement signed in April last year.


Carlo Mollino e Riccardo Moncalvo - La Società Ippica Torinese da corso Dante, fotomontaggio, 1941. © Politecnico di Torino, sezione Archivi biblioteca Roberto Gabetti, Fondo Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino e Riccardo Moncalvo – La Società Ippica Torinese da corso Dante, fotomontaggio, 1941. © Politecnico di Torino, sezione Archivi biblioteca Roberto Gabetti, Fondo Carlo Mollino


In his extraordinary and polymorphous figure, Carlo Mollino condenses both these aspects: Turinese by birth and always active in the Piedmontese capital, over recent decades, Mollino has become a figure appreciated far beyond the city and national borders, an eccentric maestro of 20th-century culture.” (more…)