“Buildings for Automobiles – History and Transformations” exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

At the end of the 19th century, the Paris region became a hub for the automotive revolution. The spectacular, rapid diffusion of the “automotive vehicle” was accompanied by new kinds of constructions designed specifically for this new piece of technology.


"Buildings for automobiles" © Antoine Espinasseau

“Buildings for automobiles” © Antoine Espinasseau


At their peak, there were more than a hundred buildings in Paris devoted to cars, called garages, car hotels, or parking garages. Today, now that less than 35% of Parisian households own a car, these aboveground parking structures are clearing out. (more…)

“Habiter Mieux Habiter Plus” exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

The exhibition “Habiter Mieux Habiter Plus” wishes to bring these issues to the spotlight by presenting models, films, interviews, prototypes, perspectives and plans of some 60 architectures classified according to the questions they raise. Where to build the Paris housing of tomorrow?


"Habiter Mieux Habiter Plus" © Antoine Espinasseau

“Habiter Mieux Habiter Plus” © Antoine Espinasseau


Today, new housing architectures is being invented in Paris. These fair collective buildings delivered or still in projects explore new urban situations and question the traditional forms of housing or their manufacture. Some are experimenting with carbon-free construction strategies, others anticipate tomorrow’s lifestyles or question the very notion of ownership. (more…)

“Metamorphosis of Tour Montparnasse” exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Through models, 3D animation films, plans and perspective drawings the exhibition presents in great detail the 7 projects proposed in the international consultation for the transformation of Tour Montparnasse, one of Paris’ symbols of modernity and innovation.


Winner proposal by Nouvelle AOM (Franklin Azzi / Chartier Dalix / Hardel et Le Bihan) © Nouvelle AOM

Winner proposal by Nouvelle AOM (Franklin Azzi / Chartier Dalix / Hardel et Le Bihan) © Nouvelle AOM


From the start, Montparnasse Tower was conceived as a bold statement, a symbol of modernity and innovation. The 210-metre skyscraper in the Montparnasse district of Paris — for many years the tallest in Europe — is an impressive sight on the city’s skyline. This superstructure of concrete, steel and glass was a formidable challenge to build, both technologically and financially, on a par with the great Haussmann style developments of the previous century. The tower was the crowning architectural achievement of the newly developed Maine-Montparnasse district, completed in the 1970s.  (more…)