“Paris Rive Gauche. The past and present history of a Neighborhood” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

As part of its announcements of the results of the call for innovative projects Inventer Bruneseau, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal has decided to revisit the past and present history of the project known as Paris Rive Gauche.


“Paris Rive Gauche” © Pierre l’ Excellent


The growth of this neighborhood occupies a singular place in the history of the city’s development. At 130 hectares, its current perimeter constitutes the largest urban project since Haussmann. The program is also distinguished in terms of its ambitiousness, which was first proposed in 1983 as part of a program for the eastern part of Paris, to eradicate the historic inequality between the city’s western and eastern neighborhoods. (more…)

“High Agora” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Haute Agora is a study led by architect Jean-Christophe Quinton in collaboration with Bollinger + Grohmann engineers. It explores the potential of large structures to host human activities. The project intertwines and develops more virtuous new technical systems that would use less material, and a study for more diversified space use in high-rise buildings.


“High Agora” © Antoine Espinasseau


This research started a year ago and deals with the resources of architecture and engineering, measure and space, verticality and the potential environments it generates. It results in a geometry with endless possibilities of adaptation, its structure pushing back the traditional building limits. Supported by only 30 centimetre-thick veils of concrete from the ground, Haute Agora rises to 700 meters and saves space. (more…)

“Suburban Transformations. Building The Metropolis with its inhabitants” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Suburban areas are the product of democratization of ownership during unprecedented urban growth in the 20th Century. They now take up the majority of developed areas in the Greater Paris region.


“Suburban Transformations. Building The Metropolis with its inhabitants” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal © Laurent Grandadam


Property scarcity is one of the main problems when it comes to building new housing and the hike of real estate prices. This exhibition/research explores the untapped potential of suburban areas for the development of another housing production model based on a domestic scale. (more…)

‘Japanese architectures in Paris 1867-2017’ at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Through seventy emblematic projects, the exhibition “Japanese Architecture in Paris, 1867-2017” explores the history and present of the Grand Paris project through the prism of a dialogue between two cultures that began 150 years ago.


64, rue Pierre-Rebière, Paris. Atelier Bow Wow,  Brunnquell & André, architectes. Paris Habitat-Oph, work management 2006-2012©David Boureau

64, rue Pierre-Rebière, Paris. Atelier Bow Wow, Brunnquell & André, architectes. Paris Habitat-Oph, work management 2006-2012 © David Boureau


Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris has just inaugurated its latest exhibition on Japanese architecture, this time focusing on the influence and works of Japanese architects in the city of Paris. Featuring both built and unbuilt projects, the exhibition displays photographs, drawing, renderings and a comprehensive selection of models in order to draw the picture of 150 years of cultural exchange.

The exhibition’s opening was highlighted by the presence of many of the protagonist contemporary artists themselves, such as Shigeru Ban, Sou Fujimoto, Tadao Ando and Kazuyo Sejima.  (more…)

“Paris Haussmann. A Model’s relevance” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

The exhibition, curated by LAN – Benoit Jallon and Umberto Napolitano- and FBC -Franck Boutté- starts with a line drawn to review history. Over 100 drawings, plans, archives, photographs by Cyrille Weiner, as well as many mock-ups, give visitors an opportunity to rediscover the city’s heritage at various scales.


"Paris Haussmann. A Model's relevance" exhibition view © LAN Architects

“Paris Haussmann. A Model’s relevance” exhibition view © LAN Architects, FBC – Franck Boutté

The exhibition redesigns, categorizes and compares the urban axis’, distinguishes public spaces, organizes the city blocks and buildings according to their current geometry. Haussmann, prefect for the departement of the Seine from 1853 until 1870, extensively transformed Paris, above and below ground, from the city center to the outskirts. By extension, his name personifies a century of public works that still defines the urban organization and the identity of the city .


“30 Architects” exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

“30 architects” presents 30 international architecture firms’ approach to design, wether emerging, established or historical. Through an original element of design or theoretical research, the exhibition shows a sensitive and evolving selection, brought together by Marion Bernard Architectes, forming an imaginary museum of the discipline and its practices.


"30 Architects" exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal © Antoine Espinasseu

“30 Architects” exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal © Antoine Espinasseu


The exhibition “30 architects” questions the architectural approach rather than the constructed building, explores causes rather than consequences, examines the path taken rather than the destination. Each architecture firm draws itself out of their constructive vocabulary to make its architectural practice visible. (more…)