“Iles de la Seine” exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Little is known about the Seine’s islands. From de Aube river all the way to the sea, there used to be more than 300 islands and nowadays there still is around one hundred of them and they constitute an extraordinary archipelago full of myths, travels, utopias and characters.


Îles des Cygnes Dessin d’Axel Wilhite, Paris, décembre 2015 © Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Îles des Cygnes Dessin d’Axel Wilhite, Paris, décembre 2015 © Pavillon de l’Arsenal


Its insular condition has a tendency to reinforce the identity of each region, which develop a unique use. The île Olive’s arboretum, the île de la Loge’s model farm, The île aux Cygnes’ airfield, the île Seguin’s show-window factory, the île de Chatou’s impressionists, the île Saint-Etienne’s prison, the île Saint-Denis’ Olympic ambition, the île du Moulin-Joly’s Garden of Eden or the île du Platais’ natural area all form a hybrid, ever changing, complex but coherent landscape. (more…)

“Habitat participatif, 3 sites 12 projets” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

The exhibition presents the winning projects, finalists and the stories and the process of the first call for proposals launched by the City of Paris for the construction of three “Habitat Participatif” buildings.  


"Habitat participatif, 3 sites 12 projets", Pavillon de l’Arsenal © Pierre L'Excellent

“Habitat participatif, 3 sites 12 projets”, Pavillon de l’Arsenal © Pierre L’Excellent


Designed, developed and financed by its future residents, contemporary Habitat participatif  (participatory habitat) is part of a renewed ambition. Born out of HBM cooperatives of union workers movements in the nineteenth century, developed with the so-called ” beaver ” self-builders associations after the war,  and relatively marginalized later on, the practice appears to popular again for future neighbours who aspire to a collective reflection on their building, the ways of living and developing links with their neighborhood and city. (more…)

“Reinventing Paris” exhibition of the results of the competition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

How will Paris be in the next decades? The exhibition “Reinventer Paris” (Reinventing Paris) showcases 23 winning designs, 74 finalists and all 358 entries submitted by multidisciplinary teams – formed by architects, urban designers, engineers, farmers, young entrepreneurs, philosophers, and artists – who entered an innovative urban design competition organized by the Municipality of Paris.


“Reinventing Paris” exhibition © Pierre L'Excellent

Sou Fujimoto site winning design at  “Reinventing Paris” exhibition © Pierre L’Excellent


The 23 sites, many of them emblematic of Paris’ history, are located in nine of Paris’ twenty arrondissements and they are all very different in terms of their layout and characteristics, thereby enabling a multitude of possible responses from candidates. (more…)

“Circular Pavilion” building with recycled materials in Paris

Pavillon de l’Arsenal has built its circular – but not round – pavilion for COP21: an ephemeral building built with reused and recycled materials. Especially for COP21, the ephemeral architecture of the circular pavilion in Place de l’Hôtel de Ville in Paris demonstrates how to save resources.


 “Circular Pavilion”, Encore Heureux architect cooperative © Encore Heureux / Pavillon de l’Arsenal

“Circular Pavilion”, Encore Heureux architect cooperative © Encore Heureux / Pavillon de l’Arsenal


As from the 24th of October and for three months, as part of the COP21, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal will display on the Town Hall esplanade the “Circular Pavilion”, experimental architecture built in Paris with reused materials (wooden doors recovered from an apartment building, used wooden exhibition panels, second hand insulating board, discarded furniture, obsolete street lights,…). (more…)

“Artists and architecture, variable dimensions” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

For the first time, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal dedicates all of its exhibition space to contemporary art. Fifty six French and international artists, some renowned and others emerging, put in question and challenge Architecture, its issues and stakes, through one of their works.


"Artists et Architecture" © Pavillon de l’Arsenal

“Artists et Architecture” © Pavillon de l’Arsenal


Installations, videos, sculptures, sound devices, drawings, photos, paintings…These pieces, exceptional loans from private collectors, artists or galleries, compose a unique overview, put together for the first time. This true archipelago of creations, filtered through the different architectural issues, explores the physical and virtual fluxes, redefines urban times and public usage, questions temporality and globalisation as well as nature’s place and collaborative economy where spaces and measurements interact, to rethink architecture, not only in its physical substance but also as a social organisation. (more…)

Habitat Metropole, exhibitions and activities to track down Paris’ urban housing

This spring’s programme of Pavillon de l’Arsenal include an exhibition on “Paris Habitat”, the city’s office of public housing, and “Paysages Habités” a display of 137 contrasting examples of Paris’ evolving housing.


Habitat Metropole © Antoine Espinasseau

Habitat Metropole © Antoine Espinasseau


From February 12, 2015 Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris will be host to an exhibition on the evolution of the city of Paris over the last century. Created in collaboration with the University of Versailles, the exhibition is composed of photographs, plans and drawings, and an impressive display of  an over 120 square-meter scale model representing the diversity of urban housing in the city.

Called “Habitat Metropole“, the activities programmed by Pavillon de l’Arsenal include not just exhibitions, but also a series of conferences and debates, guided tours around Paris, workshops and activities for families and children for a more dynamic and educational approach to understanding the changes undergone in the city’s buildings and Parisian’s way of life. (more…)

Discover Herzog & deMeuron’s “Triangle” in Pavillon de l’Arsenal

From October 31st, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris will host Herzog & de Meuron’s “Triangle”, an exhibition on the controversial skyscraper by the Swiss firm.


With over 60 process models gathered together for the first time, construction details, unpublished images and animation films, Pavillon Arsenale invites you to understand and discover “Triangle”, an exhibition imagined and put together by Herzog & de Meuron. The context, settlement, materials perception and environmental strategies are explained with detail, focusing on the technical innovations of the work.