Paola di Bello’s other take on everyday Milan, now at Museo del Novecento

The artist’s work, both in photographs and video, transforms a common situation into something extraordinary, drawing it out of its everyday dynamics. The exhibition, entitled “Milano Centro”, will be open during the museum’s winter season, dedicated to Milan-based artists.


Paola Di Bello, L'Enigma dell'Ora, 2002 © Paola Di Bello

Paola Di Bello, L’Enigma dell’Ora, 2002 © Paola Di Bello


The Museum of the Twentieth Century has recently inaugurated an exhibition dedicated to an artist that has been adopted by the city of Milan: “Paola di Bello. Milano Centro” presents the photographic works by the artist, of which the museum has already acquired several works, and will also show a special work made for the occasion.

This exhibition has been made with the sponsorship of the Leonardo Society. (more…)