‘Landscape tuning’ a new project for the Danube, at Architekturgalerie München

The exhibition shows the plans for the re-naturation and re-design of the Danube river edges, proposing an urban park with a new path and stations. Drawings, models, projections and an audio-visual installation create an immersive environment where this unique project and its suggested interventions can be experienced.


'Landschaft Stimmung' exhibition at Architekturgalerie München © Photo: Saskia Wehler

‘Landschaft Stimmung’ exhibition at Architekturgalerie München © Photo: Saskia Wehler


Architektur Galerie München presents a long term, landscape research project by OFICINAA architects. By the name of “Landschaft Stimmung” – landscape tuning -, the project comprises a research and study phase, in which the Danube’s river edges are comprehensively studied through photographs, drawings and technical landscaping plans in collaboration with local communities; followed by a second, creative phase in which the architects propose several installations and architectural implements to improve the citizen’s relationship with this iconic landscape.

Together with the exhibition, the recently published book “Landscape tunings” showing the project is presented. To learn more about the book, published by ACTAR, press here(more…)