“Saunas” an exhibition on wellness architecture, at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

The gallery space itself has installed two unusual saunas inside the exhibition area in order to introduce the visitor to the sauna experience from two perspectives: as a relaxing process as well as a possibility of quality experimental architecture.


Sandhorn sauna by SALT © Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Sandhorn sauna by SALT © Jaroslav Fragner Gallery


The exhibition presents a selection of the most interesting Czech and international creations, introduces different typological examples and practices, such as the concrete sauna in Germany by Modulorbeat, the glass sauna in Estonia by Architectural Bureau Pluss, the underground sauna in the middle of an apple orchard near Bolzano by noa* and the sauna in the middle of Liberec Dam by Mjölk architekti from the Czech Republic. (more…)

“After Belonging” Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016

Two main exhibitions are presented: “On Residence”, which speculates on architectural intervention strategies at a selection of sites; “In Residence”, that dissects the architectures entangled in the contemporary reconfiguration of belonging, documenting the ways in which these architectures redefine residence.


"After Belonging: On Residence" Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 © Istvan Virag

“After Belonging: On Residence” Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 © Istvan Virag


After Belonging addresses and imagines the objects, spaces, and territories of a transforming condition of belonging. Global circulation of people, information, and goods has destabilized what we understand by residence, questioning spatial permanence, property, and identity—a crisis of belonging. These transfers bring greater accessibility to ever-new commodities and further geographies. But, simultaneously, circulation also promotes growing inequalities for large groups, kept in precarious states of transit.

After Belonging analyzes the ways in which architecture participates and intervenes in both our attachment to places and collectivities—Where do we belong?—as well as our relation to the objects we produce, own, share, and exchange—How do we manage our belongings? (more…)

“Artscape Norway” at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Prague

The Artscape Norway international project uses photography, documentary film and video art to present artworks and small pieces of architecture that have become part of the Norwegian landscape and public space.


Selvika © Jiri Havran

Selvika © Jiri Havran


Monumental sculptures, suspended vantage points, original rest stops and information boards – a true Nature Gallery. These are the tourist attractions on the trails woven into the breathtaking Norwegian landscape. The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague presents several of these implementations within the Artscape Norway multimedia exhibition project. The eye-catching creations in the Norwegian countryside are captured in photographs — themselves works of art — by two top photographers. The photographs are signed by Czech-Norwegian photographer Jiří Havran and Filip Šlapal who works in the Czech Republic. (more…)