“Le Corbusier. Lessons of Modernism” at Nivola Museum

For the first time in Italy, the extraordinary drawings by Le Corbusier formerly in the Nivola collection, thanks to a project by the Fondazione di Sardegna and the Fondazione Nivola in the context of AR/S – Arte condivisa in Sardegna.


Le Corbusier / Nature morte à la pile d’assiettes et au livre, 1920 © Le Corbusier Foundation


Le Corbusier was not only the greatest architect of the twentieth century, he was also an exceptional visual artist who, starting from the geometries of his Purist period (from 1918 to the second half of the 1920s), developed, through contact with the Surrealist milieu and the lesson of Picasso and Léger, a highly potent and evocative synthetic language. At the base of his work as a painter stands an extremely rich and still little known body of graphic works, within which the collection of drawings preserved by Nivola has special significance. (more…)

“Sacred Space. The Architects and Artists of the Church of the Santo Volto di Gesù” at Nivola museum

The Nivola museum, which has been interested from the beginning in the intersections between art and architecture (one of the main themes of Costantino Nivola’s work in the mid-20th century), presents an exhibition on a project that brought that relationship into the contemporary world.


Santo Volto di Gesù, Sartogo Architetti Associati © Andrea Jemolo

Santo Volto di Gesù, Sartogo Architetti Associati © Andrea Jemolo


In 1998, the architects Piero Sartogo and Nathalie Grenon were commissioned to design the church of the Santo Volto di Gesù, a new church in the Magliana neighborhood of Rome, a highly populat- ed area with a long history of social struggle as well as unauthorized building, property speculation, and urban violence. A context as stimulating and complex as the strip of land allocated for the building, a small, narrow corner plot between the broad Via della Magliana and one of its side streets. (more…)