“The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture” at Musil Brescia

The Swiss landscape will be portrayed on 36 panels and three movies, starting from historical gardens and developing into current landscape infrastructures, showing how they have played an essential role in the evolution of landscape architecture.


"The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture" © Musil

“The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture” © Musil


“The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture – The Landscape Architecture in Switzerland” is an educational exhibition by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, curated by Michael Jakob and hosted at musil – the Hydroelectricity Museum in Cedegolo. The exhibition’s aim is to  underline the great relevance of landscape policies.

From June 11 until September 11, the exhibition will tour to musil in Cedegolo inviting visitors to discover the richness and beauty of its landscape, showing how a traditional urban environment can be transformed into a different, more ecological living wellness space. (more…)