“The Map and the Territory” Luigi Ghirri at Museo Reina Sofía Madrid

“The Map and the Territory” is the first major Luigi Ghirri retrospective to go on show outside the artist’s native Italy. The focus of the exhibition rests on the 1970s, a key period in the expansion of the suburbs and the service economy, the emergence of conceptual art and the mainstreaming of Pop and its strategies of appropriation.


"The Map and the Territory" Luigi Ghirri © Luigi Ghirri

“The Map and the Territory” Luigi Ghirri © Luigi Ghirri


Framed inside this context, Ghirri, who used tools and processes from amateur photography — a small Canon camera, colour film – began to photograph the suburbs of Modena, thus creating an unmatched body of work inside the prevalent art photography of the time. (more…)