“Región (The Narratives). Changes in Landscape and the Politics of Water” at MUSAC

The exhibition is the result of the research into how great hydraulic works have produced transformations in territory. It focuses especially on the reservoirs in the north east of the province of Leon, the Porma Reservoir and the Riaño Reservoir,the fiftieth and thirtieth anniversaries of which are commemorated respectively in 2017.


"Región (The Narratives). Changes in Landscape and the Politics of Water" © MUSAC

“Región (The Narratives). Changes in Landscape and the Politics of Water” © MUSAC


The project takes its title from the literary work Volverás a Región (1967) by Juan Benet (Madrid, Spain,1927-1993). The story is the conceptual starting point for the show.Benet, an engineer who built the dam of the River Porma in the Leonese valley of Vegamián, mythologisedin his novel the natural and human space that would be flooded under the waters, thus exemplifying the essential dilemma of these processes that make past and future, progress and memory antagonists. (more…)

“What It Is To Come Has Already Arrived” exhibition at MUSAC León

The show encompasses multiple disciplines, using videos, installations, paintings, drawings and photographs by more than twenty international contemporary artists and collectives —including Yona Friedman or Lacaton & Vassal— to reveal the potential of utopia in today´s world.


CECILIA BARRIGA. Still of the film Tres instantes, un grito (2013). Courtesy of the artist © CECILIA BARRIGA

CECILIA BARRIGA. Still of the film Tres instantes, un grito (2013). Courtesy of the artist © CECILIA BARRIGA


What It Is To Come Has Already Arrived is the title of the project at MUSAC León, Spain, that examines the circumstances of the present moment based on what we expect, hope for or intuit about the immediate future. The exhibition attempts to sketch possible channels of future progress which, though not necessarily opposed to the prevailing systems in contemporary societies, do present alternatives that herald the advent of a different civic status quo.



“In a Dawn all Charms Decay” by Isidoro Valcárcel Medina at Musac León

The varied and heterogeneous graphic materials compiled are displayed alongside the plans drawn by the artist in 1991. Both the former exhibition at Tráfico de Arte Gallery in 1991 as well as the new show at MUSAC lay bare, among other issues, the pressing need to create critical spaces from where to think and rethink community life, the uses of public space and the urban development.


In a Dawn All Charms Decay. Courtesy by MUSAC

In a Dawn All Charms Decay. Courtesy of MUSAC


The National Prize of Plastic Arts 2007 , has created for the MUSAC in León, Spain, a project called “In a Dawn all Charms Decay”, a sort of “premature urbanization” comprising a series of drawings and documents created over twenty years ago. Made in collaboration with “Agencia de desmontaje”, the work is based on “Sugerencias de un forastero al plan general de León” (An outsider’s suggestions for León’s urban plan), which was presented in 1991 at an art gallery, “Tráfico de Arte”.

“At that moment I imagined the land where the Musac is right now as an amusement park and a wind museum, with a platform-fan so that visitors’ clothes were lifted, as the famous Marilyn Monroe image. I also devised a football field with transparent screens in the football locker for players and television equipped rooms where the referee’s whistle the game.”

On the “before” and “after” he says: “It’s the change of all the cities we know, set in virgin or clearly improbable locations, but then the political or private interests enter and … everything changes for the worse.” Valcárcel Medina proposes new types of distribution or receipt for his art, as happened a century ago with Dada, micromedia in which the spectator is also the protagonist. “This is teasing you and forcing you to become a bit coauthor”. (more…)