“The Vienna Model” Housing for the 21st Century City

The exhibition will present projects that invoke “Red Vienna” while also representing new dynamic possibilities to create exemplary architecture and advance housing in a modern metropolis. Texts, images, and video material will illustrate the eight principles of Viennese housing.


"The Vienna Model" © Aedes Architecture Forum

“The Vienna Model” © Aedes Architecture Forum


In the global discussion of new strategies for the design and implementation of future-oriented forms of housing, the city of Vienna has consistently been at the vanguard with its innovative ideas, especially in the realm of social housing. The increasing privatization of housing and the rapid densification of German and other European cities, accelerated by the current influx of refugees, forces architects, urban planners, and city administrators to address alternative models of housing and of urban life both creatively and politically. (more…)

Exhibition on Terragni’s designs for Rome, now in Casa dell’Architettura

The main objective of the exhibition is the critical reading of the work of Giuseppe Terragni, glancing at projects that were created for the city of Rome. Special attention will be payed to projects such as  the competition for Palazzo del Littorio and the Casa del Fascio in Rione Trastevere/Monteverde.


Giuseppe Terragni a Roma © CE.S.A.R / Casa dell'Archittetura

Giuseppe Terragni a Roma © CE.S.A.R / Casa dell’Archittetura


Casa dell’Architettura in Rome is hosting an exhibition showcasing Giuseppe Terragni’s projects for the city of Rome, particularly those of Palazzo Littorio and the Casa del Fascio in Rione Trastevere / Monteverde. The extensive research prior to the exhibition’s organization was conducted thanks to many institutional and independent archival sources who have facilitated access to protected drawings and designs. the exhibition will be open until September 16, 2015.