“Maurizio Sacripanti, architect” exhibition at Casa dell’Architettura

On 6 December, an exhibition dedicated to the work of Maurizio Sacripanti was inaugurated at the Casa dell’Architettura (House of Architecture) in Rome, marking the centenary of his birth.


Maurizio Sacripanti, Prospettiva Osaka © Casa dell’Architettura

Maurizio Sacripanti, Prospettiva Osaka © Casa dell’Architettura


The event follows one focussed on Giuseppe Perugini and is the second in the series ‘Generation ’15 – ‘18’, a programme of exhibitions and conferences through which the Casa dell’Architettura aims to celebrate some of the most important Roman architects active on the national and international scene over the past century. (more…)

Dynamic and technological: explore Maurizio Sacripanti’s entry for EXPO Osaka ’70

The italian architect’s entry for the 1970 Italian Pavilion is a space in movement, pulsating, enclosed by an envelope that mutates in an unpredictable, living way.


Expo Osaka '70. Maurizio Sacripanti © MAXXI

Expo Osaka ’70. Maurizio Sacripanti © MAXXI


A structure in movement in which time becomes a fourth dimension, a sequence of unpredictable volumes, oscillating metal panels that create ever-new spaces: this was the pavilion conceived by Maurizio Sacripanti for Expo 1970 in Osaka.

An innovative project contemplated by MAXXI 35 years later on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015 by presenting “Maurizio Sacripanti. Expo Osaka ’70” curated by Carlo Serafini and Esmeralda Valente. (more…)