“MateraMending 2015” workshop by Alberto Campo Baeza

Following the cultural relevant moment thanks to the election of Matera as European City of Culture 2019 the workshop “MateraMending” will take place in the city between March 22 to March 28.


Matera abandoned unfinished train station.

MateraMending site. Matera abandoned unfinished train station.


In this workshop students of the Technical University of Madrid and University of Basilicata, together with their teachers and leading figures of European architecture in recent years will meet to study, discuss and design what could become the new gate for the city of Matera. Regeneration, green spaces, new infrastructures, will be some of the topics addressed during these days. Conferences, seminars and excursions through the city and the territory will be proposed to discover the architecture that characterizes this unique place.

Matera has suffered a problem of public civil infrastructure administration, resulting in a frustrated project to connect the city by train with the rest of the country. Right now the works are near to be accomplished and maybe the finantial aid of the European City of Culture will help in order to achieve these objectives. The workshop will reflect about what does public infrastructure mean and how can we reuse the existing one.

The teachers coming from Spain will be Alberto Campo Baeza, professor Alejandro Vírseda (author of Nave 16 refurbishment, among other projects), professor José Jaraíz and professor Jesús Donaire (secretary of the BigMat International Architecture Award).