“Disegnare la villeggiatura” (Designing the resort) exhibition at MART Rovereto

Conceived as a meeting point between architecture and territory, in a dialogue approaching contemporary reflection through some photographs of Gabriele Basilico, the exhibition offers a careful selection of the hundreds of projects – villas, hotels, factories – present in the Museum archives.


Giovanni-Lorenzi_Chalet-Casa-di-villeggiatura-montana-anni-40 © MART Rovereto

Giovanni Lorenzi Chalet Casa di villeggiatura montana anni 40 © MART Rovereto


In 2013 the fund of Giovanni Lorenzi incorporated new drawings, watercolor perspectives of buildings, particularly mountain cottages and lakes, left on loan. And so this became the initial idea for the exhibition “Picturing the resort” (9 July to 13 November 2016), which provides an overview of some of the architects and engineers from Trentino, commited all through the XXth Century to offer the best solutions for a suburban holiday, gradually responding to the needs of rest, fun and physical wellness. (more…)

“The utopian city: from the futuristic metropolis to EUR42” exhibition in Rovereto

Part of the celebrations commemorating 500 years since the publication of Thomas More’s “Utopia”, MART Rovereto presents an exhibition showcasing valuable archival materials in the Depero House of Futurist Art.


Adalberto Libera, Palazzo dei Ricevimenti e Congresi de all’EUR42 "La Città Utopica" © Mart Museum

Adalberto Libera, Palazzo dei Ricevimenti e Congresi de all’EUR42 “La Città Utopica” © Mart Museum


The exhibition will showcase drawings, plans and documents from the collections of the Mart, the Museo Civico Ala Ponzone of Cremona, from the Order of architects, planners, landscape architects and conservators of Bologna, and from the Luigi Saccenti Quirino De Giorgio Archive from Vigonza. These are drawings of artists and architects who, in the early decades of the twentieth century, represented the theme of the city as a privileged place of modernity, of the future, speed and movement. (more…)