Serralves Museum presents “Manuel Marques de Aguiar, 1927—2015: Building Places”

Manuel Marques de Aguiar (1927–2015), an architect, urban planner, urban manager and landscape designer belongs to a generation of architects from Porto for whom drawing is a privileged tool of thought. On the basis of his drawings, blueprints and architectural projects, this exhibition highlights his desire to transform the city and the landscape, ‘building places’ that will enable livelihoods.


"Manuel Marques De Aguiar, 1927—2015: Building Places" © Serralves

“Manuel Marques De Aguiar, 1927—2015: Building Places” © Serralves


Across six units, or ‘places’, the exhibition presents different testimonies by leading figures from his generation (such as Luiz Cunha, Carlos Carvalho Dias and Álvaro Siza, among others), memories of those who accompanied the persistence of Marques de Aguiar in the articulation between work and life. (more…)