“Forensic Architecture. Towards an Investigative Aesthetics” at MACBA Barcelona

An exhibition that challenges us to consider how contemporary artistic practices and digital technologies can be geared up to engage the reality of post-truth. It shows the work of Forensic Architecture, a research group formed by artists, architects, lawyers, activists and theorists.


"Forensic Architecture. Towards an Investigative Aesthetics", Exhibition views © Miquel Coll

“Forensic Architecture. Towards an Investigative Aesthetics”, Exhibition views © Miquel Coll


The exhibition  is supported by the EU’s Culture Programme within the framework of L’Internationale, a museum network whose members will open exhibitions simultaneously. Inaugural events will be streamed live. Inaugural discussion between investigative judge Baltasar Garzón, his collaborator Manuel Vergara, former Middle East correspondent for TVE, Yolanda Álvarez,and Eyal Weizman and Rosario Güiraldes (FA) on the use of evidence, activism, the law and politics in the so-called age of post-truth. (more…)

“Species of Spaces”, an architectural take on Georges Perec starting this weekend at MACBA

The exhibition, which takes its title from the eponymous book by Georges Perec, brings together works by 40 artists transforming the Museum’s galleries to reflect on private space and the public sphere.


Lois Patiño Estratos de la Imagen, 2015 Still vídeo Cortesia de l’artista

Lois Patiño, Estratos de la Imagen, 2015. Still vídeo. Cortesia de l’artista


The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona – MACBA, presents Species of Spaces, an exhibition that adopts the appearance of a fragmented building recreating the spatial typologies that the writer Georges Perec (Paris, 1936 – Ivry-sur-Seine, 1982) inventoried in his eponymous book.

Half way between novel and essay, this 1974 publication invites us to reflect on the course of life by wandering from one space to another, from the most private to the public sphere. Frederic Montornés, curator of the exhibition, has freely interpreted the work by the French author and used it as an instruction manual for the construction of the exhibition.