“Modernity: loved, hated or ignored?” at LUCA Luxembourg

The exhibition curated for last years’ Luxembourg Pavilion in the Venice Architecture Biennale puts us on the tracks of five modernist scenarios in this country, as seen through the lens of a fictional detective story.


"Modernity: loved, hated or ignored?" © Stéphanie Laruade, Bohumil Kostohryz, Sophie Langevin

“Modernity: loved, hated or ignored?” © Stéphanie Laruade, Bohumil Kostohryz, Sophie Langevin


The installation inside the Luxembourg Pavilion at the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice has now been inaugurated in the LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture, where it will be on show during the summer months.

The title of the exhibition – “Modernity: loved, hated or ignored?” perfectly responds to the specific, common topic of “Absorbing Modernity – 1914-2014”, introduced by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, in the context of the Biennale’s yearly theme, which was “Fundamentals”. Each country was invited to study its’ last hundred years of architecture by choosing its’ own accents and defining its’ own original approach to the subject.